At ease in our asana practice, our understanding of yoga becomes more sophisticated. 

Rachel M

When we practice yoga we learn how to surrender and heal the physical body.

We learn how to ground and connect with the earth . Through yogic breathing exercises known as pranayama, we remember how to truly breath. We increase flexibility, strength and stamina while practicing patience. Awareness and disciplines that we can extend into our lives. We create greater equilibrium between the body, mind and soul. We begin to understand we are much more than our body and mind alone. Through asana, pranayama, conscious living and correct diet the functions of the master glands are brought into balance and hormone production, the immune system and circadian and biorhythms are brought back into tranquility. 

At this time yoga begins to act beyond the physical level and we can start to access the less dense or etheric levels of the self. Tapping into the primary energy centers, harmonizing the flow of prana [life force] and the very vibration of our existence rises. In time we become more in tune with the nature of who we really are.

At ease in our asana practice, our understanding of yoga becomes more sophisticated. 

As our roots to the earth become stronger we discover the power of the present moment. The divine self flourishes and feelings of creativity begin to flow. Our energy levels rise and we are able to draw in more energy whenever it is required. We grow better able to heal ourselves and others. Our heart opens as we learn how to love ourselves again, letting go of past pain and blockages at the heart center we remember how to truly love others. Our psychic ability increases and we understand once more the nature of true self

Rachel M..

Rachel began practicing hatha yoga at the age of 6. Initially using the discipline to keep her flexible and to stay more grounded during training and performing as a dancer. Quickly understanding that yoga was so much more than an exercise program. Having the opportunity to study under several wise teachers, Rachel continued to develop her personal yoga practice over many years. Eventually studying to become a hatha yoga teacher, completing a two year course in the Sivananda lineage with an A plus grade and graduating with high honors in January 2012. Rachel has since gone on to teach all over the world and become recognized for her patient and passionate teaching style, her goddess yoga program and retreats.

Possessing a passion and deep understanding of both the physical and philosophical aspects of the science. Her greatest pleasure is helping others to achieve health and happiness.  Showing them how a regular yoga practice, forms of dynamic meditation such as ecstatic movement and dance while following a more conscious or mindful lifestyle can transform their lives at every level. 

During her career Rachel has worked with people from all walks of life, with all different kinds of physical abilities and requirements including many professional athletes, people in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction and those with special needs. She has also taught at centers that specialized in weight loss and worked with the Bangkok hospital in Phuket teaching yoga for pregancy.  Her own goddess yoga program and retreats focus on using yoga to tap into the female energy body and assist with menstrual related health issues, infertility and menopause. Her specialty is helping the individual find their way to the kind of yoga practice they need at this time in their lives and then later how to build on that. 


When we practice yoga we ground and increase flexibility, strength and stamina on the mat. This awareness and discipline extends into our life. Hatha yoga uses breath awareness to guide the body into positions and then move more deeply into them. Asana can be translated as the seat of the pose. In life there are so many distractions and we often spend our time rushing from one activity or errand to the next. Never taking time to just be. Relaxation is essential to the well being of the body and the mind. In yoga we learn techniques to get rid of the busyness in the body and still the mind so we can experience a deeper sense of calm. Eventually in deep relaxation a higher state of consciousness or expansion of awareness begins to come to us.  In our asana practice we seek to to create or recreate equilibrium in the body. Creating flexibility, power and and stronger foundations. But as we are also working at an energy level creating a freer flow of prana or life force. Overtime our understanding of asana becomes more sophisticated.

Yoga, derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ meaning to join or unite. We can literally translate in English to yoke. Yoga is recognized as the joining of our atman -the immortal existence of which self is only an aspect. As the sun might shine on an object which casts a shadow on the ground below us, so our self is that shadow - to Brahman -totality, the supreme universal being, of which all matter, space, time, the universe and all beyond it is a part of. All knowledge, all existence. Material is a phenomenon of Brahman. Brahman is limitless 

Every action starts as a single thought within the mind. When we practice yoga our thoughts are very potent. As we imagine so do we create. When we think positively we lift our vibrations, like attracts like.  When we realize our divinity we understand that we are without limitation, boundless and all pervading. Our soul [Atman] is free to connect with the great universal over soul  [Brahman] and we can then truly practice the art that is known simply as YOGA.

Over our lives past traumas, stress and busy and unnatural lifestyles can cause blockages in our energy body. Almost all pain and dis ease has it's roots at an emotional level. When we practice yoga we learn how to surrender and heal the physical body.

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