Rachel, to me, knows more and is more than is beyond this earth; she is a spirit of life; a magical, beautiful force that has lifted me from my darkness. Rachel did more than teach me yoga. She set me free.

Freya Little Manchester, England                             

The gift you gave to me of sharing your time and practice of yoga was not only inspiring but reopened not only a practice but a renewed way of living life.                                                                             

Sheridan Carpenter Queensland, Australia

Positivity radiates from this beautiful soul. Rachel's dance and yoga is a truly uplifting experience.

Angela de Fouw, Manchester - England.

5 stars is not enough when this lady is worth her entire families weight in gold. Rachel, my soul sister :) thank you for being patient with me, caring for me, uplifting me, and being the truly beautiful, talented, passionate teacher, friend and mother that you are. Since meeting you my life has changed and i'm not exaggerating haha, you have the soul of a prophet and the heart of princess Diana, you have taught me to be me, and to love me and to worship the body i live in. thank you and love you!!!!! xxxxxx

Donna Peskett, Malaga - Spain

Thank You again for a very Special Day. You are a special Star and Joy to be with. Never forget your worth. Your talent is endless. Where would we be without the best teacher we have ever had. You take it to another level. You Are such a beautiful soul Rachel. Thank you for another great experience. Hope we meet again soon xxx

Pat Foster, Malaga, Spain

During my 10 years as a professional coach I have not met a yoga teacher who is as genuine and really does give her clients 100% undivided attention at all times. Her good energy and enthusiasm for yoga and zumba put a sparkle in to so many peoples lives and there was always a good buzz at the gym whenever Rachel was around, I never heard anything but positive comments from my clients about Rachel. She has great knowledge in her field and it made combining my skills as a S and C and movement coach with Rachel's yoga and rehab skills very easy. Any time I had a client with an issue out of my field of expertise Rachel would design a plan for the client and i used to see the benefits of this expertise and empathy on a daily basis through the results many clients achieved. I would highly recommend Rachel to any facility looking for a great one in a million teacher she will bring a new dynamic to any facility where she shares her amazing energy and zest for teaching. 

Coach Wallis, Phuket - Thailand

Rachel's passion and enthusiasm is totally infectious. She is very talented, excelling in so many fields from dance and yoga, to singing and songwriting. With her background in dance she makes her dance classes both high energy and fun. This inspires you to go to a higher level yourself. Rachel always gives 100% of herself whether it's one-to-one sessions, yoga or dance classes. There are few people I would recommend without question, Rachel is one such person.

Andrew Fairburn, London - England.

Rachel, thank you for your beautiful spirit and incredible energy. As I told you after only one week you had really changed my life. You are very special. Thank you for everything. Basically thank you for being you. 

Alina Chikhana Montreal, Canada 

I love my cardio and here in Phuket good classes are hard to come by; it's taken me over 5 years to find what I was looking for! Rachel's dance classes are fun and full of movement and positive energy. She is a passionate dancer and trainer with an ability to engage with students of all levels – you will feel welcome regardless of your coordination or fitness level! Give it a go, dancing with Rachel is one of the best ways to start your morning.

Jelena Kovacevic, Phuket, Thailand

I met Rachel in June and she is such a magical, enthusiastic person in everything she does. I took part in her yoga, meditation and dance classes. I am looking forward to going to one of her retreats so I can recharge my batteries again. Everyone needs to have a friend like Rachel 


Rachel is a very inspiring woman. Her uplifting, mindful approach to yoga and dance makes it FUN. Her classes really push your fitness and cater to all levels. She engages with every person in the room and you can tell truly loves what she does.

Harriet Little, United Kingdom

I was fortunate enough to have my first dancing class with Rachel. She is a great teacher, very energetic and professional. Whether you want to have a relaxing yoga class, Or a wild dancing session, Rachel got you covered.

Abdulrahman Alkandary, United emirates

Rachel is the most amazing dancer, yoga and zumba instructor, and all round trainer. Her enthusiasm and passion for the classes she teaches is infectious. No matter your skill level, she makes everyone feel like they belong. I attended many of Rachel's classes in Phuket a few years ago and loved them so much. I learnt so much from her and would recommend her classes to everyone!

Justine Foo, Hong Kong

As for me Rachel is the same trainer and teacher, whom I have been looking for and finally found)
A good mood, which you are filled after Rachel’s lesson, is passed on to everything that you touch during the day) 
Rachel!!!! Many thanks for you that you are appeared at last in my life )

Axi Ugnich

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