To she who has been wondering through that desolate place too long. She who walks through the wooded land and sings with la voz mitologica. She who is aware of what must live and what must die. For she has danced with life and death. She is no maid but la que sabe, she who knows. For her the moral obligation is to share what she has glimpsed in the world below with those whom she shares this topside place. As she can carry, birth and nourish life itself within her flesh. She has known the shadow place as she labored in pain.

Though modern living may lure her far from the path of knowing. She can always find her way back. She who cannot be tamed. For within every woman swells the wolf. If we forget to feed her through poetry, song, dance or other ecstatic arts she will howl louder, claw and if necessary bite. When liberated some will withdraw from her but those worthy will seek her. The female psyche and true nature has been under great threat. Our wild essence has been contrived and coerced. Many of us have been lost, far removed from our matrilineal heritage and consciousness at great detriment to both sexes. But la rio abajo rio , the river beneath the river has been there all along waiting for us once again to paddle in it´s soothing waters.

We do not need to behave, conform or accept that which is contra naturam against our nature any more. We have been prey too long to society, culture, our own ego. It is time to howl at the moon once more. So walk through that desolate place, explore that wooded land. Sing, dance, paint, meditate do whatever it takes to find and feed her. She who will never be tamed. For she is who you are, strong, beautiful, free. She who can bring forth life and allow death come to that which must die. She who has been scratching, howling, waiting to get out. She who knows. She who runs with the wolves. Once you find her you will be sure not to loose her again.

A tip of the hat, a wink, bow and jiggle to Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of Women who run with the wolves. A book we should all share with our daughters, sisters, fathers and brothers.


© Copyright Rachel M, Official