Sri Lanka

Making memories to last a lifetime.

Embark on the ultimate yoga adventure with internationally acclaimed yoga instructor and life coach Rachel M.
A prelude of 3 days of exploration and indulgent experience followed by 7 days of rest, rejuvenation, nourishment, massage, contemplative conversation, great company and magnificent yoga sessions with an extremely experienced teacher.

December 9th-19th 2018

Limited places available. Please message direct to secure a booking on this once in a lifetime trip.

A note from Rachel -

What is life if not the greatest adventure. An opportunity to live, love, laugh, learn, experience and BE. To inhale and exhale the very essence of existence.
For the past 11 years I have been travelling the world working as a yoga and dance teacher, holistic healer and life coach. 
It has been a privilege, a blessing, a labour of love and a great adventure from start to finish. For all the ups and downs, highs and lows, ins and outs.
I have seen, been enveloped by and danced in LIFE. I have met and had the honour to work with some of the most amazing and awe inspiring people while having the pleasure of sharing the practice of yoga, dancing until we dropped, sitting in quiet meditation, delighting in cuisines that tantalise the taste buds, visiting ancient temples, chatting until the sun came up and exploring that age old question, why are we here ? After we figured that one out we began to look at- How can we make the most of being here ?
I learned that life is for living and that every person is without limits, boundless, beautiful and capable of anything. But negative life experiences, past pain, societal illusions and pressures often financial in nature can too easily make us forget that which we truly are.
Instead of working with one centre exclusively while I continue to establish my small ashram in Europe I am going to be hosting [a few of] what I call YOGA ADVENTURES or experiences. In some of the most beautiful and breath taking countries in the world. All with different themes and possibilities both in learning and locality.
It is very easy to get stuck in a rut, doing the same thing every day, being in the same place, following the same routine, working in the same job [even when you love it]. Sometimes it can begin to feel like you are walking through life half asleep and certainly at times we can too easily become uninspired. Popping down to the gym and rolling the yoga mat out or just heading off to practice in a comfortable resort is not always enough to shake us up and bring the spirit or life essence back into the body. Even in the west where yoga has become extremely commercialised it is understood that there is much more to this ancient science than de stressing, getting a great body or becoming more flexible. I have been studying and practising yoga for over 20 years and I consider it my calling to share the secrets and techniques of my studies with others. I have seen first hand how the practice of yoga and meditation and the rapid realisations it can bring when in the right environment can transform a practitioners life.
During my retreats we will take time to rest and rejuvenate while exploring techniques and practices, knowledge and awareness that you can take away with you and implement back into your lives and your own personal yoga practices back home, if you choose. 
Either way, time waits for no man or woman and adventure calls. I want to share that adventure with others and make memories that will last beyond this lifetime.
Literally bursting with excitement to share with you the very first of my YOGA ADVENTURES in SRI LANKA
Yes we will practice yoga, yes we will practice meditation, yes we will sleep in, eat, laugh, dance and share in Sri Lanka itself.
Spending a marvellous week in a little haven of a hotel where you will enjoy, your own room, the pool, great vegetarian food, massages and relaxation. 
Bearing that in mind.
Sri Lanka was once known as “Serendib” which means ‘wondrous surprise’. The beautiful island referred to as “the fairest isle!” by Marco Polo lies like a teardrop in the Indian Ocean and is such an astonishingly beautiful island nation. Famed for it's ancient Buddhist ruins, rainforests, beaches and highlands, it's rich history, flora, fauna and diversity. 
To spend the whole adventure in our hotel would be nothing short of a waste. So before the official ‎'retreat' begins we will spend three magical days making memories with new friends.
From climbing the rock fortress in Matale, We will ponder the ancient kingdom of Polonaruwa, the golden temple of Dambulla before travelling to Sri Dalada Maligawa or the Temple of the Sacred Tooth. housed within the royal palace of the former kingdom of Kandy and famed for being home to the relic of the tooth of Gautama Buddha himself. In Kandy we will enjoy a famous dance show that can achieve no less than delight and before arriving in our beautiful little haven of a hotel we will stop to experience elephant orphanage, botanic gardens and tea plantation. During your stay you have no obligation but will also have the opportunity to attend and aid the…/ an organisation managed by Chamara - the owner of the magnificent little mountain villa we will inhabit during our adventure. Who also happens to teach SUP and will be happy to share this with anyone who wishes to join him.
Now, you might see why I am so excited. I do not want to sound dramatic but this really is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
If you want to join me to share in this please do not hesitate to email me directly. So that we can make sure everyone has the best experience we have decided to cap the numbers for this one and will only be able to accept 10 - 14 persons maximum so please do not waste anytime in messaging if you are interested. 
I will be sharing more details about the trip over the coming weeks and if you can not make this one do not despair I have more unique adventures coming and will be sharing the details of these very soon too.

Price for Sri Lanka trip - 1,200 US Dollars [all inclusive] 

Travel to Sri Lanka [Colombo airport] is the participants responsibility. Transfer from the airport, board, activities, food and entrance fees to all attractions and transfer back to the airport will be included as part of your package.


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