TThroughout the ages men and women have moved their body to the beat of the drum. Dance is rhythm. Dance is desire, expression and release. So what are you waiting for ? DANCE, like everyone is watching !!!his is a heading

Rachel M

Rachel M has over 20 years experience as a professional dancer. Once voted National Dance Champion UK. Rachel has trained in many different styles of dance from ballet to neo burlesque and was one of Spain´s very first zumba dance fitness instructors later going on to train everyone from new mothers to muay thai fighters, in the dance fitness craze. Taking the program all over the world - for over 7 years. She has performed live as a dancer everywhere from the stages of London to the south coast of Spain and Thailand.  She has hundreds of client testimonials and her passion for the art of dance and the inspiration she is aware it can bring to her students in the quest for the balance of body, mind and soul are clear in her much acclaimed classes.  

 Inspired by her time working as a professional dancer in shows around the globe and her experience as a group dance fitness instructor with Zumba. Rachel created her own dance fitness program which she has called Let'sDance©. Fun, fast and sassy dance routines influenced by global rhythms merge with carefully choreographed slower routines and toning exercises combining both cardio and interval training techniques to give a full body workout that is both effective and fun. The program was piloted in Europe at the end of 2016 and launched in Asia in early 2017 with massive success as Rachel continues to teach workshops and classes in Asia and readies to share the program further in Europe. Steps to finally bring Rachel's vision into fruition through the Let'sDance© foundation are currently underway. The foundation aims not only to help to spread a consistently, high quality and safe dance fitness  experience using the Let'sDance© formula but also to aid in providing foundation dance teacher training to those from low income backgrounds, charitable masterclasses and workshops for those vulnerable members of our society that would see great benefits through experiencing dance in a group environment. 

Let'sDance© uses physical instead of verbal cues so language is never a barrier.

Sweat,shake and shimmy your way to a fitter and more confident you.

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