Dancer, yogini, world explorer, holistic healer, artist, earthling, mystic.
Spirit in motion.

Rachel Medina is best known as a global yoga and dance instructor and performer.

A conduit of the sacred feminine, mother, world explorer, holistic healer, environmental and animal rights activist, writer, philosopher and artist.

Originally from London, England Rachel has travelled, taught and lived all over the world. Her classes, yoga and dance workshops and Women's retreats have received critical acclaim. Her mindful and passionate approach to teaching has inspired many hundreds of people globally.  Creator of the LetsDance© program. A dance fitness experience based on physical rather than verbal cues that is both effective and fun and has provided a catalyst for the transformation of the bodies of women and men around the world. 

A performer and student in the art of Persian, mystical and sacred dances. Rachel has and continues to study global folkloric dance, the art and importance of story telling through dance culture and ceremony in many of our oldest societies. Enthralled by the connection to nature and spirit we find through dance. Rachel studies, practices and considers dance as a form of devotional or Bhakti yoga. 

Priestess and guide for the Wild Woman RISE© retreats and movement. Rachel has a background in performing arts and is passionate in teaching others how creative forms of expression particularly those rooted in movement can transform people's lives.  

Rachel is a certified practitioner in holistic medicine and crystal healing. 

Her 4th  full length music album, Provocatively Life Size was released under the new band name of Fe-Male on November 5th 2019. 

Her first available photographic prints taken during 15 years of her personal travels and several sacred art pieces will go on sale in 2020.

Her latest dance project   *Dances from the red tent*   will also launch in 2020. This will include the teachings from her life studies in dance being passed along during her retreats and immersions as well as sharing the art of mystical and folkloric dance in her own performance style at cultural, festival and community events globally working in collaboration with some of her dance mentors on various workshops and productions. 

Wishing a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my yoga and dance students around the world. Thank you for your love, support and the crazy, happy, beautiful memories. SEE YOU IN 2020.


Hello, my name is Rachel. Sometimes known as Rachel M. I would firstly like to thank you for taking the time to visit my website. You could be doing anything in the world right now and yet something led you here.  I do not believe in coincidence. I made this site for people who are interested in knowing more about me and what I do and to help locate those souls with whom a connection could be both mutually beneficial and maybe even with higher purpose. I have spent the past twelve years exploring this beautiful planet we all share. We,  being earthlings which includes animals and nature to which we are inherently connected. It is a goal of mine during my time here on earth in this body to help others to remember their connection to nature and embrace and protect it. 

I love to dance and when I am dancing I probably feel more at peace than any other time. I am not only a performer and teacher I have been a devotee to dance my whole life. Embracing many different styles. In most recent years I have studied the folkloric and sacred dances of our ancestors. The importance and magic of dance. Sufi whirling and mystical dance practices and ceremony and sacred aspects of dance science. 

Yoga and dance were practised with the same purpose. They were simply a pathway to spirit. 

 Passing along the beauty and truth hidden within each science is a calling. Though much of my life is taken up with teaching and spending time with my family as both a wife and mother I still try to find the time to explore other interests. I love cinema, to paint and practice photography. I have spent much of my adult life studying the lost knowledge of the ancients and the goddess cultures hidden within our past. I now enjoy sharing this wisdom with other women and those men who chose to walk beside us as equals. We must continue to honour both the divine masculine and divine feminine if we wish to restore balance on earth.

I am a great fan of music and enjoy creating my own. I recently released my fourth, conceptual music album, Provocatively Life Size under my new band name Fe-Male. 

I am passionate about animal rights and following a vegetarian lifestyle.

While I have seen many parts of this beautiful planet, there are still so many places that I am yet excited to explore. All of my experience thus far and passions accumulate in who I see I am and shape what I do and how I do it . As much as I may try to overcome that. Yet I continue on my journey, ever learning and remaining open. Trying my best to go with the flow. Embracing the rhythm of life. For where ever we are and whatever we do we experience both good and bad days. Yet there is something to be learned and understood from both. That is balance.

Of course we are now using the internet as a means of connection and I know this virtual realm has it's conveniences and benefits yet I also believe as we progress technologically we could risk loosing a truer connection with others in the physical realm. Something that is even more dangerous where young and developing minds are involved. An ancient and primordial knowing of our true nature and connection with mother earth and all her creatures and creations lies dormant inside many of us and is now beginning to awaken. Through the practices of dance, yoga, meditation, correct diet and exploration of the arts we can aid this awakening and ease the transition into the next age. There is one thing that is a given. Things change. If we look back over history we can see this. Though it may appear at times that things have changed for the worse, all will pass. A new dawn awaits each night.

We are limited only by a lack of imagination

Rachel Medina




Within each and every woman lives a goddess. 

Wild Woman RISE©

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